An inveterate Gypsy, I have lived on three Continents and traveled extensively.  I am a solo traveler as well as a slow traveler, choosing to find a base and settle in for a month or two before moving on.

“ it is not how much you see but how you see it “. I wish I knew who said it, because it sums up how I feel about travel.

My interests are extensive: Lifestyle subjects, hospitality, restaurants, bread, coffee, people, architecture especially the adaptive re-use of historic buildings, urban renewal and whatever piques my interest – after all, this is my blog !! was a four year travel blog that was hacked. It covered my travels in South and Central America and the United States. In a click of a computer key, it disappeared off the internet having been destroyed by malware. With the help of some of my friends I have managed to partially recover a few of the original blogs that will bw completed and put back into the website. At the same time, I will add to the blog with new experiences plus added security. Those you who traveled with me, thank you, and thank you for reading. To those who are new followers, welcome and I hope you enjoy what you read.