June 2014.

Cosmetic  Engineering – Medellin

Get your body overhauled, take it in for repairs – do the same to the face.  This is all about “ reconstruction” and feeling better about yourself. Too fat, too thin, drooping, sagging, stretched, overused, sun damaged, cellulite, it can all be fixed and this applies to men and women.   Need a little filling in, too many “ dents or pleats” on your face – it is all possible with  the help of a good plastic or reconstructive surgeon who will cosmetically engineer what you want.   Whatever the surgery costs it is about one third the price paid in the United States.  Colombian women, especially in Medellin, where I spent most of my  time, are known for their beauty and if they are not born beautiful,  or perfect, they turn to what I call:  Cometic Engineering  They are also  extremely vein and when two women meet, they look each other over even  more carefully than when a man meets a woman – or maybe, different thoughts are at play.  I saw a lot of real live look alike Barbie and Ken’s in Medellin, with the Barbies outnumbering the Kens.  It’s a little odd to see a Latino woman, with dark coloring trying to pass herself off as a Barbie look alike, but they do.

Watching the women  and the way they show off their bodies, I wondered if the men have humongous sexual appetites, or are on visual sexual overload.  Women here  know their sexual power and display it in the confident way they walk, dress and show their bodies.  There is a  lot of emphasis on being “ sexy”. Not only do they have their breasts enhanced, (too many are over enhanced ) but there is a lot of butt enhancement.   There was one woman I saw who had  the largest round balloons  for breasts and then her bottom also looked like it had two balloons fitted into the buttocks. – maybe not, but my Spanish was not good enough to get into that sort of conversation with a stranger. Cosmetic Engineering   is not restricted to the wealthy:  Girls who want liposuction or any other procedure, can get a loan and pay it off over two years. Whatever the surgery costs,  The most beautiful   girls come out of the “Communas” (slums or projects) and I looked them over very carefully when I was there.  Even these girls will do whatever it takes to get a little help – working multiple regular jobs or taking on extra nocturnal “jobs” to pay for  what they want.  One good  “assignment”  at one of the better  Hotels can bring in $2,500, and that pays off the loan instantly. When I asked  what the Girls have to do to earn $2,500  per “assignment”, I was told ”the usual”.

In the South Americas, Colombia is second  only to Brazil in the number of cosmetic procedures performed and there is a growing market for cosmetic medi- tourism.  Packages are offered, to include the cost of surgery, recovery in a special facility or rented apartment with a live in nurse, doctor’s visits, tours, and if you are up to it, a few days of leisure where you can show off your new  body in a bikini or hang around the best  bars with your new face and see if life is more exciting  after surgery.

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